Since I was 11, I wanted to be a ventriloquist. From 12 to 15, Id make good money performing for adults at dinner parties. However, I grew tired with my act and didn´t see a future in ventriloquism, so I was close to putting away the dummy. Being a huge fan of Opie and Anthony, I had heard Otto a few times but still was cloudy as to who he was. After his passing I started to look up his old material, and what I found was something like I´d never seen before. Watching Otto and George´s perfect combination of vaudevillian ventriloquism and descriptive vulgarity brought back my love for an art I was close to abandoning. Now at 17, I´m on the path to having a successful career as a ventriloquist. I perform regularly at comedy clubs and bars, struggling and improving every day. That´s why I´d like to thank Otto, for putting me on the path to a life I could only have dreamed of living.

P.S. This picture hangs in my regular comedy club, I never pass it without looking.