I first heard O&G on Howard Stern I believe.   Don’t know the year but it was a long time ago.   My sides hurt I laughed so hard.   A couple years later,  he came to albany ny and I had to see him in person.   They did not disappoint!   For years after,  I told everyone about their comedy and wished they’d come back.   About 2 years ago,  maybe,  O&G came back to the comedy works in Albany NY!  I rounded up about 3 other couples and we spent an evening laughing as George ripped apart the room.   My boyfriend became a fan as did a few others.   Right after the show,  I went out to the lobby and find O&G just sitting there with their merchandise.   I bought the dvd and got my pic taken with boyfriend with O&G.  I was thrilled!  You can see by my face that I was still red from laughing!   What a somber day when I learned of Otto’s passing just a year after that meeting.   Gone too soon and sorely missed.   At least we still have the dvd to watch.   Thanks for keeping his memory alive.