Sadly, I never got to meet Otto (&/or George, as I discovered their comedy earlier this year. Was saddened & stunned when I learned that Otto had passed away in 2014, but very thankful there are videos on Youtube of his work, plus interviews. Paul Provenza’sThe Aristocrats” film introduced me to the dynamic du-oh! that is Otto & George. I was laughing so hard while their clip was on, George’s hair & head always looked different & sometimes disfigured/cracked (in general) LOL!!! I just HAD to find more.. Their performance at the AVN Awards in ’96 was the first/top video on the list. I couldn’t stop laughing, and watched countless other performances and interviews after that. “The Telecrappies” I got right away because (sadly) I watched that show when it came out, and to this day I still can’t make sense of it, but throw a lil’ O(&)G in the mix, and you got a hilarious parody!!! told a co-worker about them, and we laughed our butts off at work doing their routines. Sounds like Otto had a very long career doing what he loved, spanning a couple decades+. I hope that those of you reading this who have some VHS/etc. recording of his standup (any) will share it with the world (not copyrighted material, of course, nor albums released). I can’t even watch Jeff Dunham or any other ventriloquist act(s) because they can’t come close to the comedy of Otto & George! x-rated puppet comedy is the way to go, you may not get booked on Fallon but you’ll book plenty of other gigs! Very thankful this site is up, as their comedy will live forever. People tend to forget some of what they learned in history, math, science, etc., but no one forgets a great song, or the person(s) who made them laugh. I couldn’t recite a poem for you here, unless the lead lady, “had a stankay poossah!To Otto’s family & close friends, sorry for your loss. He seemed like a great guy. His legacy will live on. I wonder.. whatever became of the puppet, George Dudley?