I had met Otto at an upscale stripclub in a suburb just outside Chicago.The club had booked him not really knowing it was the wrong venue.

I remember waiting for him at the show, many strippers showing me their assets.  I was telling them that I’m here for a guy with a doll.

He showed up 2 hours later and sat down at a table in the club.  There were 20 strippers and 5 customers.

I walked up to Otto and told him I’m a big fan.  He just said, “why”?

I told him I was a ventriloquist. and he told me to sit at the table. We talked for an hour while the strippers came and went.  I’m married and he appeared to be also.  We were on on best behavior.

We hooked up the next day, and I picked him up and we had the best hot dogs in Chicago.

After that chance meeting, we talked on a weekly basis.  I sent him classic movies since we shared the same taste in films.

I only knew him for a couple years, but I think about him a lot.  I wish he was still around to share his humor and his friendship.

I miss him  RIP.