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Amber Slayton wrote on July 24, 2011
The funniest ventriloquist I have ever seen! A truly talented man. I always look forward to his trips to Poughkeepsie, NY. I love you Otto!
George Lyons wrote on July 20, 2011
Whenever I have the urinary equivalent of constipation, I listen to Otto and George and piss myself laughing. Yeah. I'm wizzing right now. wow
A Hart wrote on June 26, 2011
Heard you on Opie & Anthony years ago. Love you and Love George
Lord Q of Black wrote on June 22, 2011
Turned onto you by Joe Rogan...diggin' it!
Jim wrote on June 17, 2011
Otto and George for the win. Thanks Otto. Love you.
brian carey wrote on June 11, 2011
Otto is just like that little voice in my head. Nice to know I am not alone. Thanks, pigfucker!
Ken Deardorff wrote on June 5, 2011
One of your many fans. Just watched The Aristocrats again and had to get off the floor afterwards!
Earl Snyder wrote on January 22, 2011
Just heard Ralphie May talk about you on the Paul and Young Ron show in Miami. He said you are hilarious and he was right, quickly becoming a fan.
Marko Costanzo wrote on November 18, 2010
Hi Otto. My stage name was Marko The X-Rated Magician. Years ago Rick Morgan (that cheap friggin' basterd would hire me for jobs in Long Island, and you & I performed a number of shows together. I just saw you perform at the Stress Factory this past Halloween, and won a leaf blower for dressing like George. ALSO... a guy named Rico says hello. He claims to have managed you for a few years, and he raves about your act. He also talks about how Andrew Dice Clay stole your act. I sent a previous email, and have made you a friend on Facebook. You are the funniest still, and I wish you much success.
Marko Costanzo wrote on November 17, 2010
Hi Otto. In the early 80's we worked together in various clubs on Long Island. I was the guy that dressed like George for the recent Halloween competition at the Stress factory. I won a leaf blower. You were great. Thanks for the DVD. I have been watching it since.
Chuck Manson wrote on October 30, 2010
otto & george kick ass!
Nicole wrote on October 28, 2010
Heard you on O&A, I think your a funny man and I hope I get a chance to see you in person.
Brian wrote on August 21, 2010
When you goin on O+A again?
brian wrote on August 4, 2010
otto! i work for those same humorless blue-blood cunts everyday! they never have anything good to say. entitled whores! you guys are always great!
Rick wrote on July 9, 2010
great site! Otto you are hilarious; George ain't bad either
NJ Funny Pages wrote on July 2, 2010
You are a NJ Funny Pages Favorite! Can't wait to see you perform again at the Comedy Shoppe! smack smack
Tony wrote on June 4, 2010
Love O&G!! Great hearing you on OnA. To the Canadian, go fuck yourself you unfunny cocksucker! EVERYTHING is funny! The only thing not funny is anything Canadian. Fuck you and fuck your mother!
Tony Coats wrote on May 10, 2010
EASILY the best ventriloquist ever! Please visit Opie & Anthony often.
Joe wrote on May 3, 2010
He is funny..you know what else is dunny your an asshole canuck!!!! hahaha!!!
Chris Scott wrote on April 26, 2010
Saw you on TV Dude your Not Funny ! Especially your JFK jokes of his death ... Uncouth, Got IT! So a... do you think your a good ventriloquist, or someone that wants to hide behind a dummy?