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John wrote on May 24, 2012
Heard ya on the O&A show today.....luv when you come in, your one of my favorite guest's they have on.
Crusher Carmean wrote on May 18, 2012
Hey you two! Come back out, and have a drink with me!!
Chris Schantz wrote on May 16, 2012
Where can a die hard fan buy an 8x10?
kevin harriss wrote on April 28, 2012
when i get a good belly laugh like i get from otto and geoerg,it helps me forget for alittle the shit storm this country is in.thanks! saw you in chicago at the vic theater with lewis black...fun! other ventriloquist seem so lame after a dose of your napalm! carry on lad.
Gary Manfree wrote on April 2, 2012
Thank G-d I went to the bathroom before the show, I almost peed in my pants I was laughing so hard! cool
Mindy F wrote on March 28, 2012
Great show in Bloomingdale, NJ! Can't wait to see you again in Saddle Brook! Funny stuff! Great nite full of laffs!! grin
Pete Labazzetta wrote on March 25, 2012
Otto & George, Awesome show on March 24th in Bloomingdale. 1st time to your show. Couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for the laughs, hope to see you guy's again soon. Do a push up!!!!!.
rock f wrote on March 25, 2012
thanx for the awesome show last night in bloomingdale nj! cant wait to see you again in april in saddle brook nj. apussa
tromafan wrote on February 22, 2012
Thanks for the pigroast show, hope to see you in Pittsburgh sometime!
GREG HOLBEN wrote on January 30, 2012
you and dummy r the best thing going in this shit hole of a god damn communsit state!!!!!!!!!
michael wrote on January 24, 2012
Always great to hear you on Opie and Anthony. You two need to make a trip to Idaho. You guys provide the funny, I'll buy the drinks. grin
Neil V. wrote on December 9, 2011
Hey, Otto. I'm a huge fan but I live in Los Angeles. When are you and your foul-mouthed puppet going to do a show out here. We're having an Otto and George drought! grin
ray b / wrote on November 22, 2011
hi otto how are this your old buddy ray b /aka the sponge when are going to be playing nj i last cought up to in new brunswick nj remember it was good to see you hope to see one soon email me your number so i can give you a call ok i hope george is kicking your ass
Myself wrote on November 17, 2011
Dude, you're the shit, never forget that. Because of O&A i've gotten the opportunity to hear some great comedians. You might not be getting the fame you deserve but always keep going. You're easily in my top three of comedians they have on and I'm not blowing smoke up your ass when I say this, but many many many times you have made my life better. What happened to patrice enforced that statement. Everytime I think of it it makes me sick. In your personal life you might blow 10 year old boys and chop up hookers. regardless of that on the basic level from one human to another human, I love what you do, how you do it, I respect it and enjoy the hell out of it. And I thank you for doing it. You're a group of a few guys I reply on excluding the hosts. My life would be shittier if you ever stopped. I'm not kissing your ass, I just want you to know that.
ken wrote on October 27, 2011
come back to tonawanda!!!!!!!!long live comix cafe
JIM wrote on October 19, 2011
Dean wrote on October 10, 2011
cool U are great
Bob & Pam from wrote on October 8, 2011
Greeting and well wishes from your friends in Buffalo NY. I keep spreading the good word of Otto & George when ever possible. Tell Rob Liederman to open up his fucking wallet and bring you back into town for some shows.. that cheap cock sucker..Miss you man.
Maniac wrote on August 17, 2011
There, I've signed it. You happy now you jew mother fucker?
Paul wrote on August 11, 2011
You're cool Mr. Otto. I keep on watching your videos on youtube... I like it... I'm looking forward for your other shows... grin grin grin