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Mike wrote on October 11, 2006
You are the best act I have ever seen in standup! I have seen a zillion of them and that Camden Virus tour set should be on DVD> When the hell are you going to put one out anyway? Jeez. I want to give you money but nothing to buy.
the hot guy wrote on October 10, 2006
love the doll great audio i would like somevideo but i love it
Angie and Joey wrote on October 10, 2006
Otto and George are awesome! I love you guys!
quattro syncho wrote on October 9, 2006
otto its your old buddy johhny q from staten island e mail me let me know how to get in touch with you
Al wrote on October 8, 2006
Poughkeepsie, Otto....Bananas in Poughkeepsie, NY. Do it soon. I'm glad you're back with the boys on XM. My favorite line was from back in the day on NEW. Anthony asked you why you where upset and George responded it's the heat...and all these niggers. I had to pull over.
Marc wrote on October 8, 2006
You are hysterical!!!! Ive been a fan of yours for like ever... I started coming to see you back in the Joe Picolli days of The Groove Lounge... Glad to see you dropped that loser... grin
Lee and Doreen wrote on October 7, 2006
Hey, Otto: Remember Lee and Doreen from Las Vegas? We saw you many times at the Riviera in Vegas Last time was about 4 years ago. We hung out after the shows. My wife is a hottie little blonde with a N.Y. accent. Everytime we paid for VIP seats and Penn and Telle (assholes) showed up with an entourage last minute and took the whole front half of the seats When I asked Penn to let us have two seats, he said 'Life Sucks (fat dickhead) Well, we moved to Orlando, FL 2 yrs ago and wish you could visit! Miss you and want to buy all DVD's and tapes available (Lost in moving) Also, is Tele-crappies still available? Write back. Lee and Doreen
Michelle wrote on October 7, 2006
I saw you at the PNC you were awesome...
messina 1 wrote on October 6, 2006
Lookin Good Otto grin
Jimmie Hats wrote on October 6, 2006
pussah!! you rock otto...oh yeah...and george wink
john maurin wrote on October 6, 2006
love ya man, i'm a huge fan . you gotta book a pittsburgh date so i can come see you live.
Angelo wrote on October 6, 2006
this is my 100th time here, I fuckin love this guy, One of the greatest comedians I ever saw, Is he ever coming to the bronx?? Keep up the great work. your a genius!!!!!!
Dan Sweeney wrote on October 6, 2006
Kristian wrote on October 4, 2006
You guys rock!!!
Michael wrote on October 3, 2006
You are f'n funny!!!! saw ya at PNC.......the Katria Victims line was great. Keep up the good work
Joe Fitz wrote on October 3, 2006
Otto You kill on O & A. Bananas in poughkeepsie is good hope to see you in the city soon, next year the 4th I will pick you up. See ya Fitz
Dani wrote on October 3, 2006
cool You ROCK!!!!! Dani
Dino wrote on October 3, 2006
Always a great time when you're in Albany!
PcMan wrote on October 3, 2006
ANy shows in the South Jersey area /
Cpt. Awesome wrote on October 3, 2006
seriously, come back to Massachusetts. I saw you at the sadly missed Aku Aku years ago!