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John P wrote on November 14, 2006
PIFKA!!! PIFKA!! mumble
Eric wrote on November 9, 2006
otto you fuckin rule, cant wait to see you at caroline's on november 12th... hope to hear you on opie and anthony again soon. O AND A PARTY ROCK
tom cermacvk wrote on November 8, 2006
try the strained veal!!
Howard wrote on November 5, 2006
I am so looking forward to finally having you at our club as part of our annual Cold Dark January See you in then and bring warm stuff for your wooden friend. Howard Wagman Yuk Yuk's Ottawa
Richie Triolo wrote on November 3, 2006
The only puppet honest enough to say Everybody sucks, now wheres my pay.! God Bless Bert Ratner and Chuck McCann. Nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Bill wrote on October 27, 2006
I'm disappointed, thought your website would be http://www.yourmothersc*nt.com Saw you live and did piss my pants. Gotta see 'em live to appreciate them!!!
Tim Taylor wrote on October 25, 2006
Otto you RULE. Its great you have your own site now. So much easier to see your up coming shows. See you in CT
brian wrote on October 24, 2006
i first heard you guys when you were on Opie and Anthony for the first time back on NEW. you were amazing i never laughed so hard in my life. i'm seeing you at Marisa's in Trumbul this Friday. cant wait man, you are one of the funiest comics around
shane wrote on October 21, 2006
i first heard this shit on opie and anthony. goddamn brilliant.
Christopher wrote on October 21, 2006
just saw your show at comix great show kept me in stiches all night cool
Mr. 869 wrote on October 20, 2006
I love you guys. I fall down laughing listening to you on XM. Any chance you will come to WI? Keep up the good work. cool
Holly Peterson wrote on October 20, 2006
sniff sniff- A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE - I am so proud of you!!
guest wrote on October 19, 2006
you kick ass on opie and anthony
guest wrote on October 19, 2006
Please keep saying double cock on free FM. joyful
paul wrote on October 17, 2006
you guys are the fucking bomb!keep up the good fucking work.your lucky to have fans like us you dopey cocksuckers!i'll bang you in the ass if you stop being funny! grin
Blake wrote on October 17, 2006
You guys are awesome, Keep it up
Renee wrote on October 17, 2006
you guys are fuckin hilarious!!! love yer stuff!! sorry
Angelo wrote on October 13, 2006
Whens this coming out???? I want it now, U COOOOCCCCCCCKKKK!!!!!
John wrote on October 12, 2006
we laughed, and we're not laughers!!!
Keith wrote on October 12, 2006
You are so damn funny and I laugh my damn ass off every time I hear you guys on stage....