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446 entries.
Lona wrote on May 2, 2015
I love you.
Big Don wrote on May 2, 2015
I cant get enough of the old videos. You were the BEST!!
John Paster wrote on May 2, 2015
Miss ya everyday, waiting for another call....
Steve wrote on May 2, 2015
Simply a comic genius.
kathy wrote on May 2, 2015
Just sitting here watching some old clips of you and remembering all the good times and wishing more than anything that you were still here !!!! We all miss you Otto...you will NEVER be forgotten by me !!! :cry
Lona wrote on November 14, 2014
Otto, Seven months wihout you, and it feels like a lifetime. You are so loved, and so missed. Rest easy Otto. You have peace now. I love you always and forever big Brother. LONA
Twig wrote on November 7, 2014
No one has made me laugh harder than Otto and George. The way he took on an audience and would just slaughter them was second to none. Miss hearing Otto's dorky laugh in the background of O&A. You are missed.
Closeupman wrote on September 19, 2014
George was sick twisted and filthy...Noone and I mean noone was as funny as Otto Peterson. Every Ventriloquist should strive to be as nice as this man was. God Bless You Otto :cry
Nikki and Randy Delp wrote on August 30, 2014
Randy opened for you at Stanford's on New Year's Eve. You were hilarious, but when we spoke after the show you were certain you bombed. We wish now that we hadn't had a minor with us so that we could have stayed later. You're missed, Man. Really missed. 😕
Paul wrote on August 27, 2014
A cock ! You are missed, rest in peace my friend.
Brian wrote on August 27, 2014
Safe home, Otto and George.
thetruth wrote on July 12, 2014
Otto made me laugh till I cried, he had the best insults I've ever heard. He'll be sorely missed.
Christian Sablan wrote on June 14, 2014
You changed my life Otto. Christian, Brev Spread Magazine.
Lona...little sister wrote on May 18, 2014
I love you... I miss you beyond words. You were such a great Brother, and a wonderful friend to me. I love you Otto....till we meet again someday. Lona REST IN PEACE.
John Gotti wrote on April 29, 2014
Cant wait to see you in may!!! :grin
Scott P wrote on April 27, 2014
It's strange... I have always pictured you larger than life. Like most of us, you will be lost in the depths of time. When other species dig out our remains, they will see a video of O&G, and their fucking ugly heads will explode. those ugly COCK SUCKERS!!!!! 😕
Sara Zahn wrote on April 19, 2014
Dear Otto- I'm still writing this to you, cuz even though I know you're gone from this dimension, you're up there with George reading these entries. Two spirits died when you passed. George is forever silenced as well. We've been friends for over 20 years. As much laughter (til my guts ached) your comic genius gave me in the clubs, your quiet friendship and gentle, caring spirit was the real gift. When you'd call me at 2am after a gig on the road and we'd chat about your dog Larry and other nice stuff. I'm glad you found Tricia, and had a longtime partner to share all your goodness with. Enjoy heaven, although I'm sure you and George will raise a little hell now and then. RIP. Love, Sara
Jamie wrote on April 19, 2014
I just heard of your passing. Loved you on O&A. You were a gifted man. Just like Patrice you were taken from us to soon. I guess God needed a ventrilaquist. Rest in peace.
r farmer wrote on April 19, 2014
you were awsome.
Lyell Chipperson wrote on April 19, 2014
I think my uncle was a ventriloquist, He used to put his hand up my bum and tell me not to talk. don't be a tattle tail. Tattel tales get eaten by spiders when you sleep.