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Bob Gosse wrote on February 14, 2019
I met Otto in 1991 at a downtown indie film community called the Shooting Gallery. Jim Dougherty introduced us and he offered to perform at a fundraising event. The place was packed. We screened a number of short films, had a band, a reading and a DJ. Otto and George performed as well and brought down the house. Great night and we were grateful for the hilarious, baudy, and side splitting comedy Otto brought us. I had lunch with him after that over at the now defunct Van Dam Diner and he told me about learning his craft on the streets in the late 70's and 80's. Sorry to learn of his passing. Great site! xo b
Tony Mazur wrote on January 31, 2018
The comedy world has been without Otto & George for nearly four years, but thanks to a good number of us, his legacy will live on. Otto (among others, like Vos, Norton, Patrice, etc.) got me hooked on standup; first as an audience member, and later on as a fellow comic. I've been doing comedy since Otto's untimely passing, and as each soy-eating beta male hits the stage complaining about how white people are bad, I could picture Otto in the back of the room cringing. I wasn't introduced to Otto until 2006, when the Opie & Anthony Show was re-syndicated to a local station in Cleveland. I had the pleasure of watching him perform at the Traveling Virus Tour, and his bits about "black pussies look like a wallet" and "Christopher Reeve in a house fire" make me belly laugh to this day. Otto's humor (and certainly mine) is not for everyone, but really, it's impossible to appease people. But I will do my damnedest to make sure his legacy is kept sacred for years and decades to come. Knee-slapping humor is timeless.
Mattgoetzke wrote on January 29, 2018
I found out about Otto&George throu Opie&Anthony in 2014... he got me into Abbott & Costello and cant thank that of him enuff.... Otto & George have and will always continue to make ppl laugh, it doesnt sound like much but to that person having a shitty day or week, it means the world to them even if it just cracking a smile and feeling a lil less shitty for 10 secs.... much love to all Otto & George friends and family... thankyou for this website oh yea and fuck jeff dunham.
Jim wrote on January 28, 2018
I am new to Otto & George. Thank Artie and Anthony as well as Jim Norton for keeping his memory alive for those of us who did not have the opportunity to witness this talent live and in person. Thank you for keeping this website and making the materials available (I have already placed my first order) and plan on preaching the word to others to keep his memory alive as well. After binge watching hours of video I am am mourning his loss and I never met the man. Thank you. Jim
Stephen Matteo wrote on December 19, 2017
Tricia: It's terrific that you work so hard to keep Otto in our hearts and minds. Your love for and devotion to him is inspiring. You were both very lucky to have found each other. Things like this website and the annual tribute show (at my brothers bar) make it more certain that Otto's ability to make us laugh will go on for a very long time.
Jeff Varga wrote on March 30, 2017
I am saddened to hear of his passing, I first met them both at Goodtimes in NYC....1977-78...always thought he was great.
Donald wrote on June 14, 2016
First time I saw Otto and George they were performing on the street across from the Winter Theater when I saw Beatlemania there. I didn't know who they were back then but I recall they were hilarious... and dirty... George was ogling some black chick with a huge rack and I thought for sure her boyfriend was gonna give the puppet a slap - or maybe Otto - although he was staring right at George as if George was doing it all on his own... the dirtier George got the louder the crowd would roar - it was a sight to see.... zoom ahead twenty something years or so and I was hearing them again on The Howard Stern Show - and again, I was laughing my ass off, although I think Otto and George were somewhat constrained working within the confines of radio. Then I went on a quest to find all the Otto and George YouTube videos I could find - - and there I was again, laughing and wincing! Otto and George were one of those rare talents that made you laugh while wincing... Gilbert Gottfried is another one of my favorites for the same reason... you'd always wait for George to go TOO far - and he'd never disappoint!! heh heh - - Man, I wish Otto was still with us - he is missed...
Paul schmid wrote on April 18, 2016
I saw Otto and George over 20 years ago. We still talk about how over the top funny He and George were.
Bryan J. wrote on March 22, 2016
Missed you a lot today Otto. Listened to your Unmasked w/Ronnie B. and watched X Mas Files. Love ya, buddy.
lee sheaffer wrote on March 14, 2016
I worked with otto N George several times.When I would Work my hometown I would request a date when he was there and invite all my friends, A comic genius and a sweet man.
Tracy DuBois wrote on November 18, 2015
Otto was the inspiration for me getting my own dummy. I'm no where near as good but what fun it is!!! Thanks Otto! You are missed terribly.... Tracy
Russell Bedore wrote on October 22, 2015
Always made me laugh. After hearing him on the O&A show, I had to pull over I was laughing so hard. No has ever made me laugh like that and it was over the radio. Never saw him live but they live on through their videos. RIP!
Ben Wiley wrote on October 21, 2015
I became a fan of Otto via the Opie and Anthony Show a few years before he passed. I quickly scoured youtube for every piece of PigRoast or random stand-up that I could find. His material represents some of the most judicious use of extreme force I have heard in comedy, and, as a fan of the form, I would say that there is nothing as satisfying. Ron Bennington's interview with Otto made him as compelling as comedy. The stars who saw him busk, the idea that you never spend old money? This guy lead an incredible life, created singularly compelling material, and I hope history will give the man his due. Thank you to Otto's family for creating a forum in which I can show my respects. Thank you, Otto. I regret I never was able to see you live, but I will continue to sing your praises to the filth with which I surround myself.
David Jones wrote on September 16, 2015
It's been a routine for years. Relaxing in the evening, having a drink and pulling up comedy routines, interviews, etc. Otto and George was always a part of that group. Aside from the club gigs I've seen over and over I've seen The Aristocrats video no less than 50 times, it's perfect and absolutely hilarious. Their routine was one of kind. They got away with more than anyone could which makes it genius. Otto seemed like he had a great soul. Jim Norton said it all best, better than anyone could, but I just wanted to give a shout out and a shout out to all the fans that loved them as much as I did.
Bryan C. Johnson wrote on September 11, 2015
A few of my friends are getting into O&G. We've been doing George quotes to each other for about a week now. O&G have brought my buddies and I closer, and given us a new thing to connect with. Love and miss you Otto, thanks for all the fun.
mujan wrote on August 10, 2015
Just THE BEST. RIP Otto.
Edwin Erst wrote on June 1, 2015
I first discovered Otto and George from "Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen". It brought memories of watching Edgar Bergen with my folks, only it was a billion times funnier, I couldn't stop laughing, (and I've seen all the "dummy" acts.) One Christmas, my parents got me a Howdy Doody dummy. I tried my hand at throwing my voice, but instead, I ended up tearing off his head, because he wouldn't stop staring at me from the closet at night, (and I thought he might even try to kill me while I slept.) When I saw George for the first time, I flashed back to those moments, but what Otto did with his act made it all gel for me, and I realized that he set the bar higher than anyone had before, even though he wasn't a household name. George, as dummies go, was about as creepy looking as any of the others, but when Otto brought him to life, you tended to overlook that fact, you could trust George, as filthy as he was, you could tell he wasn't going to jump out of his box and throttle you after the show, like an episode of the Twilight Zone, or like the one in that movie with Anthony Hopkins. To this day, there are two comedians from "Dirtiest Dozen" that I still eagerly gush about to anyone within ear-shot, and that is Otto, (and George) and Bill Hicks. I never stop thinking the laughter and insight they could bring to people if they were still with us. Sadly, they were so far ahead of the curve, so far that the majority would never appreciate them enough. They were truly the comedian's comedian, they spoke truth, and weren't afraid to offend, and that made them great enough for all time. I thought of Otto today, because I saw that "George Pataki" is planning to run for President. This would be inconsequential, except that Otto and George skewered him brilliantly by a play of words, (and I won't spoil it for those who have not seen the bit), suffice to say, it was hilarious, and I wished then that Otto had more chance to reach a wider audience, because they would never look at the world the same way, again. (And they would certainly never hear the words "Cock" and "Pussy" the same way, without thinking about George, and laughing their asses off.) Thanks for maintaining the web site, and Thanks, Otto.
Lona wrote on May 19, 2015
I love you my Brother. Otto!!!!!!!!!
Dan Horn wrote on May 18, 2015
Hi...Dan Horn here...I am a ventriloquist and I was on Letterman the night before Otto's appearance on Valentine's Day back in 2007. My condolences to you on Otto's passing... I have video of Otto performing at the Riviera in Vegas that dates from Jan. 2000. I was working at the Tropicana and the audio/lights guy there also did tech at the Riv. I mentioned to him that I wished I could see Otto's show, but couldn't because I had my own show to do at the same time. He said he would ask Otto if he could record the performance for me and Otto gave his ok. I recently rediscovered that tape and have transferred it to DVD. I would like to know if you are interested in having me send you a copy. Please get in touch using my email address or contact me through my website. Thanks, Dan.
crystal wrote on May 2, 2015
Damn, I didn't find out about you until a week ago. What they say is true, only the good die young. Hope you're resting. Thanks for the laughs.