Last year  I lost my father to pancreatic cancer after he was in a weeklong coma on June 4th , It was until I heard about Otto’s passing, that I found some videos on youtube a couple weeks before when his memory was slowly fading ( He was told 3 months to live on May 20th)


On his bed, as he was drawing closer to his maker, I shown my dad a couple videos, I wasn’t sure if he understood  (and he didnt know me or my sister at this point- due to his memory fading) , but after I shown my dad some of Otto’s material, he said…


I may not know who you are, or who this man is, but if I shall ever meet this amazing person in life, I will tell him hello and thank you.

It wasnt even two months since my dad and Otto passed… I do think they are both in Heaven bullshitting, and I know some people may thinking I may be making a story up; but I bullshit you not. This is 100% what went down…


That being said, Thank you Otto for making my dad and I laugh through the worst times. And thank you Dad for being there for me.


Love you both!