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Since Otto’s sudden and untimely passing, I have grieved not only for him as my husband, but also for his comedic talent and general perspective on things. I also grieve for all his fans both current and future. I’m devastated that there are some that will never get to experience getting in George’s line of fire from stage or hear Otto’s voice booming ‘Take that, sir!’ or ‘Guilty’ in person.

So his family has decided to keep his website active but allow friends and fans share stories, photos or videos. Hopefully this will help keep Otto’s memory and legend alive.

I wish this memorial site didn’t have to exist for another 30 years or so, but sadly these are the circumstances that we have to face. So please read and share and laugh.  I think that’s the way Otto would’ve wanted it. Or probably he would just be annoyed at the whole thing.
Thank you for loving and respecting Otto and Otto & George as much as I do.

Tricia & the Petersen family

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O&G Stories


Last Stop In Chicago

I had met Otto at an upscale stripclub in a suburb just outside Chicago.The club had booked him not really knowing it was the wrong


my sisters keeper

Dear Otto, many people knew you as an entertainer and a funny, talented guy.  I was lucky enough to have you as my brother-in-law…my little


enjoyed his company

Every time Otto came to Rochester,ny we would hang out after his shows and just laugh and talk about EVERY honey mooners show! we would


Missing Otto

We will never forget the time Otto performed near our home in Philadelphia. We laughed really hard. But the best part was after the performance.


Family Man

Otto loved taking care of Trish and Dell. He was so proud when he accomplished some domestic task like cutting the lawn or doing the


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